ROCHA HATS ® is a company with over 20 years experience in the manufacture of hats, thanks to it's highly qualified staff we are recognized as one of the most prestigious brands in the manufacture of hats. Rocha Hats® and Western hats® , it's quality have been established among the world best hats breaking boundaries conquering national and international markets. We export to Canada, the United States, Central America , South America & Europe, we like to be a leader in imposing fashion in both gruperos different genres like sports; in the world is the original hat... Rocha Hats®.

We are a company that is certified in ecology as “Clean Company”

Empresa Limpia GTO

We are part of a single brand “Collective Mark Sombreros San Pancho Pueblos del Rincón”

Sombreros San Pancho

We are certified to use the brand Guanajuato.

Marca GTO